Exterior Painting

People take for granted how nice their home can look on the outside as well as the inside. Peeling paint and discolored stucco or siding can give the wrong impression. Pressure washing your exterior areas, adding a little paint to your home, and fixing small details such as rotten wood or crumbling bricks can make your family abode feel like a brand new casa!

Not only does it look amazing, but when painted with the right quality paint and painter’s technique, your home will also be protected from the harsh outdoor elements that can come with living in our tropical and beautiful Florida weather.

Interior Painting

“Make a good first impression!”
We have all heard this so many times. When it comes to your home, the very first impression is your ambiance and your vibe. Both of these are dictated by the colors you choose for your home and the quality of the painting technique used.

The color chosen and the placement on your walls and trim are the fundamentals and, some would say, the most important part of your home décor. Visitors will always notice and appreciate a well-painted home. The cut lines, the rich colors, the way the décor pops, the clean fresh feeling your guests feel as they lounge in your living room, use your bathroom for the very first time, enjoy a family meal in your dining room, take in the aroma of coffee in your kitchen. The painting expertise makes all the difference!

Cabinet Painting

Alas, your kitchen is looking dated, drab and dreadful! Do those cabinets feel dark and old fashioned? Does your culinary area need a serious mood lift? Then look no further than MSG Painting & Construction! We are experts in making your kitchen feel fresh, new and classic!

When looking through American statistics, the average family will spend roughly 3-4 hours per day in their kitchen, preparing & cooking meals, washing dishes and sometimes just enjoying that family conversation while working at the kitchen counter. That being said, don’t you want your kitchen to draw people in and make them feel bright and cheery? MSG PC will work with you to accomplish this goal; making your kitchen atmosphere one that you and your family can relax in day after day.

Decks & Patios

It is recommended that you pressure wash, trim, brighten, seal or restain your deck or patio every 2-5 years, depending on how your particular structure is laid out, how close it is to the ground, how it faces the sun and/or elements, as well as what kind of stain or sealant is used. By allowing a trained professional to come in and take care of your outdoor areas, it provides you with that peace of mind that you are doing all you can to ensure that your structure lasts the lifetime of your home.

MSG Painting & Construction will locate and repair those small problems that can grow to be must larger issues, such as rotting or cracked wood and stucco. We can pressure wash and strip your deck of all the old residue that is slowly corroding your structure, then apply a brightener, if necessary, before finally placing the sealing coat of either a clear, semi-transparent or solid stain color of your choice. Give your deck and/or patio area that “brand new” look that is so pleasing to the eye and to your neighbors!

Color Consultations

Are you about to spend a large sum of money to paint your kitchen, living room, bathroom or even your entire home? Are you sure about those colors you chose? For example, most people don't know that the color red makes you hungry or that some taupe colors will look orange once painted on their walls.

Don't Panic! We can help! MSG Painting is offering our expertise to you for a small fee to ensure that when your project is completed, you will be completely satisfied with the results of our work and the colors that you chose.

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