Color Consultations!

Want to paint your home, but you have no idea what colors to choose or where to put that accent wall? MSG can help because our years of experience have given us the expertise to help you choose what color should go where. 

Why do I need a Color Consult?

Are you about to spend a large amount of money to paint your kitchen, living room, bathroom or even your entire home? Are you sure about the colors you chose? 

Most people don't realize that the color Red makes you hungry or that some taupe colors will look orange once painted on their walls.

Do you want to be bold with a rich color or two, but are unsure if it will be too much for that room? Have you considered just painting an accent wall instead of painting the entire room that color? 

Are you unsure what colors should go where or what will match with your decor, furniture or carpet? Did you know that some yellows on a paint fan will be green on your wall? 

Why spend all this money only to hate the final product?

Don't Panic! We can help!


Passionate and Attention Grabbing! Red activates Hunger and Raises Blood Pressure.


Evoking Spring and nature, green can both relax and energize, depending on the degree of complimenting yellow and blue tones.


Energetic! Orange Inspires Creativity and Conversation.


Solid. Warm. Masculine. Men are especially attracted to brown tones.


Rich and Exotic! Symbolic of Royalty and Spirituality. Purple is Capable of Inspiring Creative Thinking, and in lighter tones, becomes very feminine.


Dramatic. Sensual. Elegant. Black is always a bold choice that sets an intimate scene.


Feminine and Romantic! Pink has a relaxing effect. Visiting sports teams are sometimes treated to pink locker rooms, designed to diffuse their competitive energy.


Friendly and Optimistic. However, yellow has a surprisingly agitating effect, leading to negative interactions during gatherings, causing the metabolism to speed up. Sensitive senior citizens find yellow uncomfortable and yellow tends to make babies cry.


Calming, Inspiring and Sophisticated, Gray is compatible with almost every color; it folds easily into every style. Any color decor pops next to gray.


Calm and Soothing. Blue has the ability to slow the heart rate and decrease the appetite.


Clean. Pure. Sterile. White is the culmination of all colors. In some cultures, white is associated with death and cold. In others, purity and celebration. Still in many others, white is the epitome of sophistication and class.


Teal blends blue’s tranquil stability with green’s optimism and healing properties. Teal is the color of restfulness and mental and spiritual balance. Teal’s understated elegance encourages a calm, reflective mood.


We know that choosing your colors can be daunting and that's why we provide this service to help you face the challenge with our expertise behind you. MSG Painting is offering our expertise to you for a small fee, so that at the end of your project, you will be completely in love with overall results of our work and the colors you chose. Choosing to paint your home different colors can immediately lift your mood and change your entire outlook on your life. Reinvigorate your spirits by changing your surroundings! Everything from expecting a child, converting a bedroom into an office or updating the overall look of your home... all it takes is a little paint.

"We've Got You Covered"

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